fredag 30 november 2012

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

Hi Guys

Here I come again:)

Mrs Bumble Bee

The one and only:))


Bumble Bee

Guess you have been looking on the art created by the ArtandPlejwoman?

What do you think?

She is creating all over the house, and I think she is doing ok. Its fantastic following her doing creative experiments finding new materials to create from. 

 Being in this creative house, I must admit I get inspired to create my own art

Last night when she was sleeping, I seized the oppportunity grabbing her camera and I found some really good art motives. Its a fact, I cannot paint I am afraid of being a permanent part of a painting, if it is still wet. You know fall down or sit down on it and remain...ohhh!! 
Yes, its a kind of catastrophe thinking but I guess that is the only weakness I have.  

       Here is the result  of my intuitiv photographing 

 (I feel its very important for an artist 
to find a unique style)

Baggböle, bro


Mrs Bumble Bee

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow 

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