onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Rose hip wine a´ la Karlsson

Harvest time is not over yet

During last weekend the weather was sunny and great for picking rose hip from the bush 

"Rosa canina"

Rosa canina

C-vitamin filled
Sweet and tasty

Recipe of Rose hip wine a´la Karlsson

2 liter rose hip
1 3/4 liter water
1 3/4 kilo sugar

Wash the rose hip 
add fresh water and sugar

Put it in a "bottle" for wine making
Shake it each day the two first weeks

Shake once every week for 6 months

Separate the wine from the rest

Bottle and Drink!

Rosa canina, nature

 Nature is fantastic, 
living in unite with it...

... is an honour, and a pleasure!


måndag 29 oktober 2012

Religion and Art, KG Hammar, Imri Sandström


I had the great opportunity listening to K G Hammar 

the former head of the swedish church and archbishop of Uppsala 


the swedish artist Imri Sandström talking about religion and art and truth in between, 

träd, natur
Photo taken by me, before church this beautiful sunny sunday in the nature close to my house.

It was two hours filled with philosophic dialogue. 

KG Hammar read one of my favorite poems, 
by the Nobel prize winner


..and his conclusion of what

Tomas Tranströmer might have meant by the poem...


...awoid becoming only a tourist of your life....... 

...that touched my heart!

lördag 27 oktober 2012

Natural Love and Peace wishes

Love and Peace


 To you All


Peace embodied on Earth

Love Herb - Dalai Lama

I have some beautiful flowers in my Kitchen from my Garden called

Kärleksört/ Love Herb

Hylotelephium telephium
Kärleksört/ Love herb

When I looked at this photo I noticed a photo in a frame on the table in the background. 

What a coincidence 
as its a reminder of Love in the frame!
His Holiness Dalai Lama is in the photo. 

It was taken by me listening to him in Stockholm telling his

Love is not a coincidence 


Is Timeless 

fredag 26 oktober 2012

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday speech

Hi Guys

Surpriiiise, surpriiiisssse:)))))))

I am back again:)))) 
 ... have you missed me? (of course you have)

I have been resting for a while because I needed it, but now I am fit for fight again and guess what!!! .... I have signed a contract on this blog and will be writing every friday telling you things worth knowing. 

Humla, existentiellt

Sounds good or? 
Heeey..dont be shy.. did I hear a yesssss!!!!!? :))))
I will do my best 

I will start by telling you a top secret (dont tell anyone!). You know this ArtandPlej woman, she has been here on the planet for many years now.. and I think she is pretty much ok..and guess what??!!

..She still developes!! 
Shit, yes its possible!!

Its fascinating being so close to a persons developement. I am not sure if she notice her own developement, but I do. 

Because...my dear ladies and gentlemen!

Every breath you take,
every move you make...
...will bless you in your developement no matter what travel ticket you have choosen.

You are already good enough, a matter of fact you are perfect!

 ..for one reason or maybe two, each one of you have choosen to come here visiting the planet giving yourself and those around you... a generous share...of Love and of the beauty of

Your Soul! 

..and that sure is Good Enough:))) 


torsdag 25 oktober 2012

My Stockholm Tour part one

My Stockholm Tour 
was lovely!

Enjoy some of the photos taken during my Tour


The Capitol of Sweden

Södermalm, Söder, Stockholm
Götgatan, Stockholm

This street is called Götgatan situatied in Södermalm,
"Söder", the south parts of Stockholm.
"Söder" is filled by many old streets, buildings, nice shops, restaurants, galleries etc. 

I love the place! 

Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Old town

One of many small narrow alleys in the 
"Old Town" of Stockholm

Gamla Stan, Old Town, Stockholm

You can feel the vibrations 
of old days walking here

Gamla Stan, Old Town, Stockholm

Old Town of Stockholm is very inspiring if you 
like narrow streets and alleys
 and enjoy old buildings!

Gamla Stan, Old Town, Stockholm

There are many squares in Old Town, 
each of them having its own charm.

Gamla Stan, Old Town, Stockholm

Gyldene Freden in front
a famous restaurant, 


The Swedish Academy still have their dinner every thursday here.

Gamla Stan, Old Town, Stockholm

I was lucky visiting a friends art studio

having this special view looking out through the window.

More photos will be posted later on
to be continued.... 

tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Vedic Art - Creating Life Satisfaction

I am a Vedic Art Teacher 


I Love to paint!

 The first principle 
in Vedic Art 

is about

creating cosmos out of chaos

Canvas Vedic Art

 First there is nothing but emptiness

Vedic Art Acrylic
Acrylic on Canvas, - the creative process has started

 Vedic Art is a playful way of painting

Vedic Art blå färger
The creative process in progress

Painting and being creative

is my chooise 
making my life enjoyable

What is your chooise?

Do you do ofthen enough 
making you feel satisfied with your Life?

söndag 21 oktober 2012

Nature - one below Zero

The enjoyable beauty of nature

kastanj, chestnut

Leaves from chestnut tree
..saying goodbye to the tree 
and hello to natures next step

frost, froozen gras

One below zero, 
nature in a gentle freezed shape

Frost, gräsmatta, frozen gras

Whispers of Snow

Listening to

Eva Cassidy singing Autumn Leaves

creates a beautiful music frame 

as autumn time goes by

lördag 20 oktober 2012

Gardell - telling us the naked truth about the 80ths and homosexuality..the way it was..

Jonas Gardell, Torka aldrig tårar

One of the most honoured swedish stand up comedians, authors

His latest book, 

the first out of three in a trilogy 

Jonas Gardell, Torka aldrig tårar

Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar

Never wipe of tears without gloves

It is a strong and important document now sent on swedish television, based on true history about 

Stockholm, the 80ths and homosexuality the way it was....

A time when AIDS and HIV still was something strange and untouchable

Love is not always easy
but always needed

- a human right


fredag 19 oktober 2012

Indian cuisine, by Karlsson

I just loooove indian food

follow me making a delicious vegetgarian indian dish!

indian dish, spinach

Spinach, this one from my garden - strong, healthy and full of good things. Spinach is the main ingrediens in this dish. My mother gave me this recipe. She got it from a lady who have visited India several times.

indisk mat, spenat

1. Cut onion and garlic in small pieces, add two slices of garlic in pieces and let it heat up some minutes on medium heat. 2. Add crashed tomatoes, 200g spinach in pieces and let it mix/boil together. 3. I also added some fresh tomatoes cut in pieces

At this time you will understand that something really good will be ready to eat in some minutes, as a fantastic aroma in the kitchen starts developing!

Garam masala
Lägg till bildtext

4. Add basil and garam masala, salt and pepper. The best is to add it little by little, then after a while find out what amount you want.

5. Cut cheese in pieces and give it a quick heat up in oil.

6. Add the cheese and some cream into the mix of vegetables now having developed the most fantastic connection with each other expressing a superb taste of heaven. 

I beleive that indian food many times have a mix of tastes in it that together make the whole dinner a healing gift from heaven! 

onsdag 17 oktober 2012

Chaka Khan - I Feel For You - I really do!

Chaka Kahn
Chaka Kahn
Chaka Kahn

..I Feel for You!

chaka kahn hamburger börs

A fantastic show at 

Chaka Kahn and her fantastic musicians and singers gave us All the old hits! The show was sold out - and I am telling you 
..the heat was on!


Well.... sitting there with some of my best friends, ladies I have known since the days when we were out dancing every weekend..listening to all the hits...remembering ..those memorable moments... 

...and Chaka Kahn telling us all
... Life is short..

..sure felt special and very good:)

Some more of her hits:

Remember and Enjoy!

måndag 15 oktober 2012

Message from a Bird in Sweden

Hi guys!

Please listen to me,

I am a small birdy living in the north of Sweden. The nature where I live is very beautiful.

Nötskrika, liten fågel
Photo taken by me some years ago

I dont know about you, but I need the nature, to sing and fly and live in.

 The organisation of  Wide Fund for Natures (wwf ) ultimate goal is to build a future where people live in harmony with nature. 

I hope you find this good as

The Planet 
is our natural home while staying here. 
Lets take care of the Planet
as it is a way of taking care of ourselves.

lördag 13 oktober 2012

Stockholm calling!

 - the capitol of Sweden is calling for me!

stockholm slott

I will go on a holiday for some days! 
Stockholm might be one of the most beautiful capitol citicies in the world.

I love going there!

... I will tell you all...well almost all ... about it later on:)

Monica Zetterlund singing - Sakta vi går genom stan

is a beautiful gift to Stockholm

fredag 12 oktober 2012

Double espresso perfect for hairstyling!

Have been to my hairdresser this afternoon

-do you want some coffee?

..yes thank you

latte, cappucino, ???


...hmmmmmm... espresso...


..no... single...

no no no no no....DOUBLE for you!! :)))

...serving me the most excellent double espresso, with beans roasted at Costas roastery


costas hairstyling

After my hairdresser Jalle, arranged for making my new styled hair develope  perfectly 
leaving me with my double espresso....

... I started 

Drinking my double espresso



"I felt the coffee in my mouth, 
tasted the taste
whispered to the aroma
i love you
felt the difference of the many tastes
in my mouth"

ready to meet the evening

Wishing you All 
a great weekend! 

torsdag 11 oktober 2012

Pizza Karlsson - Mama mia!

 I love homemade pizza. 

Enjoy my  favourite recipe!

25 g yeast
3 dl water
1 dl  wheatflour
2 tablespoons oil
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon salt

 Wheatflour enough added for a "good paste", make it the traditional way

Leave for about 30 minutes
Use a rolling pin and make it thin

Autumn is fantastic with all fresh ecological vegetables in the garden

Tomatoes, onion, zuchini

Pizza homemade

 I added chantarelle, 
this kind is called "trattkantarell"

I love to have parmesan, peccorino and other cheese with a strong taste on my pizza. 

Bon apetit

...a glas of wine? 

Why not:)

onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Dr. Eben Alexander's Near-Death Experience


- the ongoing directly sent 
 Story of Yourself!

Sometimes Life itself brings situations that makes you start looking more inside than outside of yourself.

Thoughts about what Life is and what you feel is important for you. 

No matter what, it is a fact that we dont have all the time for making changes if we want to, 

as every single moment brings us closer to the end... 

at least the end of the part of our lifes that we are present in, right now..

Dr Eben Alexander, had a near death experience, that changed his life forever. He said that as a nerosurgeon he understands what happens to the brain when people are near death, but his own experience, made him totally change 

 This afternoon I went to Burmans Musik, and bought the latest cd of Dead can Dance 

 I couldnt think of a better chooise of music after listening to the interview.