torsdag 30 augusti 2012

is a company situated in Brännland a small village close to mine and outside Umeå, Sweden.The company is new and have started producing cider from apples.

Apple tree in my garden

 This company will introduce their collection of cider called- Ice cider. Ice cider is made by similar principles as the famous ice wine is made. Read and learn about ice wine here. Canada and Germany are the world's largest producers of ice wine and soon Brännland and Sweden will be ready to join this club with Ice cider.

Baggböle Brännland cider
Apple tree in my garden

The owner Andreas Sundgren is also a famous musician in Umeå, and both his music and the Ice cider has good reviews so far. Listen to his music by a click on his name.

Andreas Sundgren Brännland Cider

If you think this will be good - then you sure are right!


onsdag 29 augusti 2012

Åkerbärslikör - ready to drink!

Åkerbärslikör - ecologic and nice!

Do you remember my earlier post about making Åkerbärslikör? You may compare the photo of my earlier post in Åkerbärslikör with the photos present in this post. The colour in the bottle has changed.

The alcohol now is red coloured and the berries have very little red colour left. Its obvious if you compare the photos but also if you look at the photo present in this post you see very little colour left on the berries.

Next step is to 1. separate the berries from the "red alcohol". 2. Boil ecologic sugar with water and wait until cold temperature. 3.  Add the "sugar-water" into the åkerbär-flavoured alcohol.

Åkerbärslikör, Baggböle

Its ready to drink at once but I will save it for special occuations as its very rare. A nice thing to do is to put some Åkerbärslikör in the bottom of a glas of champagne and then fill the rest of the glas with half dry sparkling wine.


måndag 27 augusti 2012

Coconut oil- virgin and organic

Coconut oil - virgin and organic

Coconut oil did you know about the good health prefarences in it?
My friend Aquil Henry wrote about health-benefits of coconut-oil in his blog. Its a super informative article I recommend you to read it.  


cocos olja ekologisk

Some use the coco oil for cooking, some for the skin and the hair and some
for baking etc. It seems very usefull. It should be virgin oil, and of course prefarable organic, dont buy any other. 

The coco oil has a very hig nutritive value. One of the oils components is "laurinsyra", that is something  you find in breast milk and makes the child strong and healthy. Pure coco like the one I am writing aobut, includes 50% of laurinsyra. You only find laurinsyra on such high level in breast milk and coco oil. The oil includes "components having an anti candida, anti bacteriell and anti virus effect on the body.

söndag 26 augusti 2012

All You need is Love

Did you ever think about the purpose of
you being here?

I beleive there are many levels explaining the purpose of human beings travelling on earth.


Sometimes I get a feeling, a glimt from the inner space of mine connected to the outer space of Universe... telling me a little bit about my own purpose of being here.



I will share a video and I have shared it many times, its one of the videos I love the most. You may be see it as a symbol of what links us all together and when we listen, makes us understand the message of our breaths and when we look at it .. sees the beauty of our hearts. . .

lördag 25 augusti 2012

Greece in My Heart Forever

This post I will dedicate to Eva in Athens. She was the lady who finally made me start blogging. Check out her fantastic photo blog here and her regular blog here. Her regular blog is available in both swedish and english. Hope you love her blogs as much as I do.

I do love Greece and think that Greece contains of many beautiful views for photographing. I include some photos on the theme of food and restaurants. All photos are taken by me last year visiting the island Lesvos.

Lunch break time

Lesvos Grekland

On this taverna I had a nice glas of white wine as an after beach booster for relaxing and meditating over life.

No comments

A traditional plate of meze

The final dinner taverna

torsdag 23 augusti 2012

The Blue Cave, Art of Mine updated

The Blue Cave

Acryl on Canvas

Painted by Me

Anna Karin Karlsson Vedic Art
The Blue Cave

onsdag 22 augusti 2012

Snap shots of Life

a continum of
Snap shots

Slow down your steps and
stay present in one of them

the experience
of the connection
with yourself
and the whole

Photo taken by me, inside a monastery on the greece island Lesvos

tisdag 21 augusti 2012


This plant is called Johannesört/ Hypericum perforatum, I have plenty of them in my garden, in fact I have too much of them.

Yellow flowers brings butterflies into the garden, I have noticed and also read about it. Soon as autumn is coming, some beautiful butterflies will be visiting, enjoying life.

Today I started doing schnapps - I added flowers of Johannesört
into a bottle of alcohol

After a few minutes the colour change in the bottle. The parts in the middle of the flower gives a light red colour to the alcohol. The flowers will stay in the bottle for some weeks, then I will separare the flowers from the alcohol and the schnapps is ready to drink. If you try to do this, do keep it for some years if possible (guess not) because it developes and gets better and better.

                                                       Öppna Landskap - Ulf Lundell

Do click on the link and listen to the swedish artist Ulf Lundell singing one of his most famous songs - Öppna landskap. He sings about that he loves living in open landscapes...and that he put Johannesört in his schnapps.


måndag 20 augusti 2012

Liebel celebrates!

This afternoon I was happy to visit Liebels litteraturförlag and participate in the celebration of their first book for sale: Barnmorska i Brasilien by Angela Gerkhe Da Silva. 

You find Liebels litteraturförlag AB at Leia accelerator in Umeå. Many companies have their offices here. A criteria for companies at Leia, is that half or more of the owners of the company must be females. Its also a place were artists can show their paintings. I had an exhibition there last year.

I met many old friends their to and got inspired to pick some of the flowers to put in my kitchen when I saw all the flowers given to the company owners Dorothea and Ole Liebel. (Had to get me some carrots too for lunch  tomorrow)


lördag 18 augusti 2012

My Art Galleri

One of the rooms at home has become an Art Galleri, as I keep most of my paintings in it. I have also started to  paint more and more in this room.

During summertime I prefare to paint when I am on my veranda but in the winter I use this room or my kitchen when I paint.

I wish you all most welcome to make a visit in my Art Galleri, just give me a call and we will set up a time for a meeting.


You are the Creator of your Own Life, use your Tools and your Power - Nobody else will do it for You.

fredag 17 augusti 2012

Meaningful activities

Daily activities, have you thought about what you feel is meaningful doing?  

When we talk about meaningful activities maybe leasure activities pop up in your mind as the things you find meaningful, funny and very interesting doing. Or maybe you think about the work you have if you have one, and what kind of activities you like and dont like in it.   
Except from these kind of activities there are daily activities that most of us dont even notice being there. I am talking about for excample waking up in the morning, laying five minutes more in the bed, drinking coffee by the kitchen table, saying hello to your neighbour on your way to the bus... and many many more of those activities that become a kind of foundation in life carrying us through it on a basic level. 
Maybe it represents the kind of activities we dont plan so much doing, they more or less happen spontaneous and sometimes happen as they are included in the daily rythm. I beleive that these kind of activities are worth celebrating being in my life, because they are most of them of low cost, spontaneous and I dont have to use my brain so much figuring out if I should do it or not.

torsdag 16 augusti 2012

Blueberry parfait

This is reeeally yam yam, blueberry parfait and a got a recipe from one of my friends on facebook Ann-Helen Littbrand. She is working at Alva Kultur a fantastic library in Norrlands university hospital, Umeå Sweden. She put this recipe on facebook and now I decided to make it.


ca 6 portioner
3 dl vispgrädde/whipping cream
3 äggulor/ the yolk of three eggs
1/2 dl florsocker eller strösocker / icing sugar or granulated sugar
1 tsk vaniljsocker/ vanilla sugar
1 dl + 1/2 dl blåbärssylt / blueberry jam

2 msk blåbär/blueberries

This is what you need

Icing sugar, vanilla sugar, cream, blueberry jam, eggs and some fresh blueberries to put on top

Whipp the cream

Whipp the egg yolks together with the icing sugar and vanilla sugar

Add the 1 dl of blueberry jam together with the eggmix into the whipped cream

Put the good tasting (I promise) mix into something which is possible to put in the freeze for at least five hours. Then its ready to eat .


onsdag 15 augusti 2012

Mrs Bumble bee takes a Power nap

Hi its me again, Mrs Bumble bee. I just want to say, please be silent - I am taking a Power nap...hope I inspire you to do the same. Life is short dont waist it doing things all the time.....its enjoyable just being here.

Power nap

tisdag 14 augusti 2012

Steps, Art of Mine updated


Acryl on canvas

Painted by Me


måndag 13 augusti 2012

Blueberry cake yam yam

Blueberry cake

There are sooo many good things you can do with blueberries. Here is one of my favorites. Another good thing to do, is to mix them with other berries, youghurt, vegetables etc that you like, and create a health smoothie.


150 gram of butter or margarine
5 dl milk
50 gram yeast
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 dl sugar
cardamom -  "crash" in a mortar as many as you prefare
12 dl wheatflour

Make a dough of the ingredients the traditional way.

Unroll it into small "round cakes" and take some extra dough to cover round the edge of the cakes.

Put blueberries in the middle

Bake it in heated owen of 200 degrees


Änglatrumpet/Angels trumpet foto taken on my veranda

söndag 12 augusti 2012

Winner of Gold - Not for Sale

This berry is called Åkerbär in swedish. I didnt find any english name for it in my dictonary, maybe a symbol of how rare it is to find this kind of berry nowadays. When I grow up, my mother used to pick 10-20 liters of them every year. Nowadays its like winning a 100m race of the olympic games if you find any of it at all.Yesterday found a place and nobody had been there before me. I picked totally 12 dl Åkerbär and felt like a Winner.

It might not be the funniest thing to do, taking care of the berries but afterwards you feel as you have found gold and now have made it ready for eating them or doing jam or liqueur or what ever comes up in your mind.

I choose to make Åkerbärslikör from some of the berries. It will take some time before its ready to drink,  and it will be served on very very special occations by me.  

fredag 10 augusti 2012

Baggböle - a Village filled with Beauty

When I followed André going fishing the other day, we passed this place before going out on the rocks. You find it when you visit Baggböle Herrgård and go down to the river.

Baggböle (Baggböle , Baggböle2, ) is a small village from the middle ages, 8 km outside Umeå, Sweden. You may click on the links if your interested to find out more about Baggböle.The text is in swedish and there are interesting photos to look at. I will be happy to answer any questions from you.

Check out this link to understand more about Baggböle saw mill which was situated on the place where the photos were taken.

I am proud and happy to have such beatiful places near my home

torsdag 9 augusti 2012

African Rainbow Dancers, Art of Mine updated

African Rainbow Dancers

acryl on canvas

painted by me

African Rainbow Dancers

onsdag 8 augusti 2012

Food for a Lover

Who would you say is the most important relationship in your life? Many of you maybe would say - my children, my man or my woman.... But, I will tell you who it is - its you!

Someone you love very much, you care very much for without doubt. As you always hang aroung with yourself, do feed yourself with lots love and care as it is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Its also healing for you doing it on a conscous level and maybe it starts changing the way you look at yourself and your life into something more satisfying and enjoyable.  

Parents want to feed their children the best they can and if you do the same to yourself you will find out that you wouldnt eat so much of those things that you know isnt good for you.

I choose this from my garden for a fine dinner alone with myself yesterday. Vegetables from my garden - all ecological, fresh and filled with prana.  

I created this and added some left over from yesterdays grill of lamb. What ever you choose, do it with love and care, honour yourself and be greatful that you are you.

tisdag 7 augusti 2012

Frank de Las Mercedes - Art&Peace

I want to write about a special friend of mine - the artist Frank de Las Mercedes. He is one of the most creative artists that I know of and he is creating art for peace. Today on facebook he wrote:

"The idea is to let go of the idea. Don´t wait, Create."

As he is creating art for peace it is really no time to waist. He creates art boxes with the message of Peace, and the boxes are free as his idea is that peace should not have a prize. It all started in 2006 as a project and today over 9000 boxes have been sent all over the world.

Frank de Las Mercedes

 I recommend you all to open up the link and listen to and look at his project.
This is important and soo good!


Thank you Frank for your fantastic work!

måndag 6 augusti 2012

Fishing with André

I have started my last week of holiday in a perfect way. Today the weather was super and I was by the river "Umeälven" fishing with my nephew André. Well, André was the one fishing and I was the one looking at it all enjoying the nature, the sun and the fantastic show of fish sudenly jumping up and down in the river! I am also Andrés godmother and we always have fun when we do things together.

We had a fantastic day though he didnt bring up so many fishes today, ending up with a dinner together with my mother! Couldnt have been better - nature is cool.

Laying down on the rocks locking at someone fishing, the power of all the water and fishes jumping is like being in paradise.

Nature gives healing for free!

This is magic - wish you could hear the sound!


Silver earrings for my Mother

These silver earrings I made for my mother. I gave them to her on her birthday the 4th of august. We had a great party then with lots of good food.
Silver earrings