lördag 10 november 2012

Harmonic Blues - Follow Your Heart

I guess its time to update a bit about what happened after I sezied an opportunity and started playing the harmonica..

...Full of joyfull energy when playing the harmonica I decided to go to a music shop asking about harmonicas, and maybe get me another one. 

I have understood that its good to have more than one...

First, I went to my music base:)  

They dont sell instruments, but I started talking to Viktor and Stefan and finally Stefan asked: 

-do you want to borrow a dvd with Blues and harmonica? ...


...well, sure yes. 

Stefan continued:

... are you going to Droskan tomorrow listening to Mark Hummel? 


well.. havent really thought about it..... 


...well, if you want harmonica and blues, this is the concert to go to!

Before driving home, I ended up buying a ticket for the concert 

..and tonight ladies and gentlemen I am going to listen to three bands:
Mannish boys, 


 last but not least 

 Marc Hummel and his band

Hope to enspire you to do the same...

...Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

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  1. Hi there :) you have great blog!

    hälsningar från Finland,

    1. Thank you very much Maarit! Glad you like my blog! Wish you a nice day!