fredag 21 juni 2013

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

Hi Guys!!!:))

Here I am again

Mrs Bumble Bee :))


Today its 

Midsummers Eve

Swedish people celebrate a lot eating and drinking alot
some special fish dishes and snaps 
and and and and straweberries! :)

I will wait until the strawberries are served and will order a glass of champagne with it:)

I will not be here next friday I will go on holiday for some weeks... I might have a chance to be online somewhere and add some info. But if not

always remember

I love you
I have always loved you

I will go on loving you


there are no more Mrs Bumble Bee 
left on the planet

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

fredag 14 juni 2013

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

Hi guys




Mrs Bumble Bee time:))

Im so tired and I will have the whole weekend alone
The ArtandPlejwoman will go to a weddingparty:))

Love is something fantastic and its all over the planet
some people hate bumble bees, they think we are awful!!!
I guess you would miss us if we didnt show up, I guess you would start wondering where we had gone, and maybe you started crying?

This weekend I will celebrate love and I will eat a good cake by myself when the ArtandPlejwoman is away on the weddingparty. I might go there a little later but the most important thing is to celebrate love and the beautiful couple getting married!

Love is All you Need

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

fredag 7 juni 2013

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

Hi Guys

Its me


Mrs Bumble Bee:))

Dobidobidoooo :))

Just a few more weeks
..and then time for holiday! :))

I will relax very much this summer, the bumble bee refugees are gone since long leaving me a bit exhausted

I must say, it was worth it all taking care of them


If you have a chance, 
do take care of some human beings 
having a hard time

Just do it, dont hesitate


Life will feel much easier afterwards

..basil update:)

Follow your Heart 
Fly and Flow

onsdag 5 juni 2013

Life circle


existential circle
made of
 never ending movements


Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow