torsdag 1 november 2012

My Stockholm Tour, Part Two

Welcome to my Stockholm tour 
part two

I prefere walking instead of using the subway when I am in Stockholm

It gives a lot of possibilities to discover new things... and in the evenings I hear a ...

 "oh no"...!!!!!.... stop it!!...

...coming from the totally exhausted two feet of mine:)

Kungliga slottet Stockholm

the official recidence of the swedish monarch 

It is located on Stadsholmen in Gamla Stan


In front to the left you see  
Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern.
A famous theatre scene founded 1788 . 

The two last nights of my tour
  I spent in Hotel Örnsköld, close to Dramaten.

I recommend it very much, 
 as the people working there are super, 
the position of the hotell in town is the best  
and a lovely breakfast is served to the room:) in the morning.

Västerlånggatan is one of the main streets in Old Town, reaching to Drottninggatan. 

I ended my tour having a fantastic italian risotto in Restaurang Esperanza on Drottninggatan before going home to Umeå.

I use to say that Stockholm is a very beautiful and fantastic town visiting

... but

"Home Sweet Home" :)

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  1. I love your blog, I look forward to seeing more from you. Do you run any other sites? thanks

  2. Thank you very much! No, this is my only blog, site so far:) Welcome to come and visit my blog when ever you feel for it! All the best to you! Anna Karin