måndag 5 november 2012

When a woman of 50 years seize an opportunity!

What happens when a woman of 
50 years
seize an opportunity??

I think you would have enjoyed listening to them - three ladies of 50 sitting at the pub meeting again after all these years 
since high school. 

Oh La la:)

In a magic moment one of them said: 

... what happens when a lady of 50 years seize an opportunity?

 It gave the feeling of a life changing possibility 
... and they laughed and played like new born! 

The feeling of... well why not check out the green grass on the other side?  
What is resting behind the colour of green?


Take a look through the window that looks inviting and gives a must do feeling!

Some hours later 
two of them went to Scharinska 
listening to  

Gurf Morlix and Slow Fox

Sofia Henricsson 

the talent singer of Slow fox 


in some of the music performed

As I have had a feeling of fun inside for a while when thinking about learning how to playing harmonica...

I started smiling :)

...and the day after

I seized the opportunity and started finding out how to play harmonica
by using the one my father used to play on

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow


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