torsdag 16 augusti 2012

Blueberry parfait

This is reeeally yam yam, blueberry parfait and a got a recipe from one of my friends on facebook Ann-Helen Littbrand. She is working at Alva Kultur a fantastic library in Norrlands university hospital, Umeå Sweden. She put this recipe on facebook and now I decided to make it.


ca 6 portioner
3 dl vispgrädde/whipping cream
3 äggulor/ the yolk of three eggs
1/2 dl florsocker eller strösocker / icing sugar or granulated sugar
1 tsk vaniljsocker/ vanilla sugar
1 dl + 1/2 dl blåbärssylt / blueberry jam

2 msk blåbär/blueberries

This is what you need

Icing sugar, vanilla sugar, cream, blueberry jam, eggs and some fresh blueberries to put on top

Whipp the cream

Whipp the egg yolks together with the icing sugar and vanilla sugar

Add the 1 dl of blueberry jam together with the eggmix into the whipped cream

Put the good tasting (I promise) mix into something which is possible to put in the freeze for at least five hours. Then its ready to eat .


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