lördag 29 september 2012

Kebnekajse - Swedish electrified folk music


Kebnekajse - Swedish electrified folk music
read more about it here 

(sorry guys all in swedish but interesting anyway!)

Kenny Håkansson

Yesterday they gave a brilliant and totally magic concert at Droskan in my town Umeå.


I danced during the whole concert. After a while it felt as everyone at the dancefloor created a unit. The music was the link making it possible to feel as one family - there was Peace and Love written in the air.

This music has rythms touching the roots making them jump and smile and if you love to dance, you should give it a try!

Barkbrödslåten by Kebnekajse

Horgalåten by Kebnekajse

Click on the Links Dance and Enjoy!

torsdag 27 september 2012

Heart Spa Breath - for Love and Peace

I might have told you before, 
I beleive that Peace on Earth starts from creating Peace inside of Human beings Hearts. 

In what shape is your Heart? 
Do you need to do some Heart Spa?

Spot from one of the entrance doors at the area of  the towern of Pisa

How do you feel, are you on the run all the time, do you enjoy being with yourself, do you need drugs and alcohol every time you relax and how often do you recognize yourself running full of fear instead of being in the present moment full of Love?

Photo taken in one of the beautiful citas in Cinque Terre  - Monterosso
Cinque Terre
one of the most beautiful places on earth

Many questions..and maybe the answers are less important than the growing feeling inside of you longing for L O V E - and how you take care of it transforming it into pure L O V E.

cinque terre
Cinque Terre, view

I have some suggestions for you that you might find interesting to try if connecting with your Heart more is what you long for
Heart Spa Breath

1. When you wake up in the morning- stay in bed for some minutes before going up.

2. Close your eyes

 3. Focus on your breath and follow the breath the total way going inside and then going outside your body

4. Begin from your inhale, 
notice a cold feeling when it enters your nose

5. Follow the inhale down to the very end of your feet and toes, notice how it feels with, using a no doubting mind.

6. Follow the exhale the same way, notice how it feels, using a no doubting mind. 

7. Notice a warm feeling inside your nose when your breath is leaving your nose

Follow 5 breaths like this and then contine your Day!


The point is to become aware of Yourself and enter your Day being Present!

This can be practiced when ever a slow down speed and relaxation is needed during the day, and when you feel for giving yourself some care and recognition 

 There is always time for 

Love and Peace

tisdag 25 september 2012

Ecologigal Salad - Grab and go for Peace

Look at the still fresh and tasty salad left in my garden, ready for me to grab and go for dinner.

At this time of the year this kind of salad almost looks like flowers as they have grown.

Look at the beatuy of the salad. You can almost hear its whisper of greatfulness as the sun is reaching it with its light.

ekologisk sallad

The sallad is still crispy and very fresh. A beautiful way of serving dinner is to put it on top of the salad making the salad appear as a green background, a natural frame of the dish.

ekologisk frukt

What can be more tasty than some fruits after dinner or maybe included in the main dishes? Grapes and plums together with tomatoes all ecological grown in my garden and ready to eat. 

Wishing You All a 
 GreenPeace and Fruity Day!

söndag 23 september 2012

Red Apple symphony from Heaven to Earth

I just couldn´t resist giving you a  

Red Apple Symphone

All recorded in my garden in Baggböle

Enjoy the 

 Sounds of Silence 
playing in the background

äpplen Baggböle


Stay a little bit longer and 
tune in to the Sounds of Silence

Life is beautiful

apples ecology Baggböle

Do as the fly, touch the Nature

Love and Peace
You All

fredag 21 september 2012



in the present moment


Nowhere else

Falun the present moment
Photo taken in Falun, Sweden

onsdag 19 september 2012

Art of Mine Updated

Art of Mine Updated

on Canvas

painted by me 

Vedic Art Anna Karin Karlsson 

One of the paintings I made during the summer of 2012, still nameless

söndag 16 september 2012

Potatoes harvest Time

Ecological grown potatoes 

- harvest time today !

Me and my mother, brother and his children Marilén and André, had a great day together creating potato teamwork. The team leader was the dog you know
since before - Rufus:) 

Potatoes Baggböle

Some of the potatoes are a little bit bigger than the rest of them

Digging in the ground for the potatoes creates a fantastic feeling of joy!

A beautiful day in september
- a day to remember.

lördag 15 september 2012

Karlssons cuicine - Enjoy!

I love to improvise when I cook. Experimenting is really fun!  Today I used a lot of vegetables, like spinach, tomatoes, zuchini, feta-cheese, basil, garlic in the kitchen.

vegetarian recipe

This is the process and result of my vegetarian ecological dinner of today - Enjoy! 

I made a shell to add all the ingredients into after having had the shell empty in heated owen for ten minutes

I put a mix of eggs and milk and youghurt to the green ingredients and mixed it carefully with love.

This was added into the shell and slices of tomatoes, zuchini and small pieces of feta-cheese came on top.

This is the ready made vegetarian greece inspired dish
and I promise you - it was delicious and a glas of red wine was a perfect combo for tonights dinner! 

During dinner suddenly this one occured - and I remember when I had the opportunity to go with a balloon like this many years ago. Life is a miracle and you never know what comes up next. 

fredag 14 september 2012

You are the Creator of your Life

Every breath 


Life passes by

Use your abilities

Create possibilities

Photo taken from my veranda

Create your own Life

Nobody can do it the way

You can do it

torsdag 13 september 2012

Elephant ear - Natural healing

This afternoon at work, I turned my chair around reaching a better view looking out through my office window. I am happy to have a small green area including some trees outside my office window. The importance of nature and green environment for health is well known today with its healing relaxing gifts. 

Elefantöra healing

Of course its a fact that not all of us have green areas to look at, but a possibility for most of us is to have flowers inside our houses. I have a flower called "Elephant ear" at my office. I took a photo of it and suddenly I realized more clear the beauty of their leafes. Its like a piece of art in every leaf and looking at the on going exhibition, makes me letting go of all the other things going on at work!

Healing the Natural way - my Natural choice

tisdag 11 september 2012

New World Trade Center - All You Need is Love

Every day is special, but today its the eleventh year since the 11th of september 2001 and the tradegy of World Trade Center. I have been in my kitchen baking apple cakes and at the same time having a hard time finding a video good enough for my post. Finally after looking through a lot of videos I am touched to tears and I share this video with you as a symbol for a future filled with

Love andPeace

Love is the Present and the Future
- All You Need is Love

måndag 10 september 2012

Rufus, Pears and Chaka Kahn

A great sunday with blueberry picking close to my house, a relaxing time in the sun with my mother and my niece Marilén...and yes.... her dog Rufus 11 weeks was with her - check him out enjoying the taste of an ecologic grown pear from our garden.

cocker spaniel chaka kahn rufus


And Ladies and Gentlemen - In October this lady is coming to Sweden giving a show on Hamburger Börs, Stockholm - and I´m going there!

Tell me something good! :)

fredag 7 september 2012

Mrs Bumble bees message about Peace!

Hi, its me again, Mrs Bumble bee. I need to talk to you all and I will speak about some things you already know of. I feel this one is veeeeery important!

humla fred

In Sweden this time of the year me and other Bumble bees fly with low speed. Hey.... it has been a long summer of flying and sometime speed must slow down. The problem is that this seems to make you freak out! Many of us get killed because you think we will attack you, or that we have gone crazy or..well I have heard soo many things about this subject! 

I have lost many friends because of this, and I am very scarred every morning when I start flying thinking - will I make it another day?

Why do you kill us? And .... I dont know how to say this... but please.. why do you kill each other? I guess you smash and kill us Bumble bees because you are afraid of us, but .... are you afraid of other human beings?

 What has happened? Arent all people filled with Love - why can´t you live together in Peace?

I need to go now,.. maybe the next step for you is to Smile when you meet somebody... Until next time..

Take care of yourself...and make Love not war! (I am sure someone have said this before me...)

onsdag 5 september 2012

Isis - Art of Mine updated


Acryl on Canvas


by me

Vedic Art Isis