söndag 25 november 2012

A moment of your Life

A moment of your Life 

a memorable unit of the collection 
of moments in your Heart

Just think of it... and realize that without doubt what you are facing is your life

Live it and no mather what happens

...understand that you are the 

Creator of your life

Lucca Toscana

At this moment in my Life 
 I am drinking coffee

What is taking place in your Life
at this moment?

What is yours?

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow 


4 kommentarer:

  1. I often make a cup of coffee as the moment of my life. Coffee makes me think more clearly, and sometimes gave me some inspiration to overcome boredom.

  2. How beatiful that coffee is a symbol for the moment of your life. Seems to be a good moment as it can make you overcome boredom and think more clearly. I just had the first cup this morning. Its a good way of waking up too :) Wish you a good day today!

  3. Just a small piece of information, that the real benefits of coffee would be maximized when you drink it without sugar, though it will taste bitter.

    have a good day too.

  4. I always drink it without sugar... but if its espresso, I add some! :)