onsdag 7 november 2012

Some Life Thoughts

Some Life Thoughts

Life has very little to do with what happens tomorrow. We might think and say.. and even act in a way of 


- when this is done.... all will be fine!!.. 

But I need to do this and this and I dont know how to do that and that, and if I only had that money... I could also do more of this, and this and maybe this.

Maybe you dont recognize anything of this
but if you do..........

Baggböle höst

....By understanding that your life is excactly what you have around yourself and what you are doing right now, it might be easier to look at those leaves in the tree 
- noticing the feeling of satisfaction at the same time as the beauty of nature 
 touches your heart! 
...and maybe life takes a new direction afterwards....

...making you enjoy the things and what happens in your life 

Loving Yourself and Loving Your Life. 

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Så sant som det är skrivit!>3 /Eva

    1. Tack Eva! Jo... jag tänker att det är det som är en given väg!! Follow your Heart Fly and Flow:)