torsdag 15 november 2012

White cabbage - makes healthy cooking easy

I guess 

I could create as many different kinds of 
white cabbage salads, as there are kinds of herbs, spices and kinds of oils. 

The way of using different tastes
 is the trick making a good tasting salad:).

 White cabbage is filled with c-vitamins, a-vitamins, and is good for immune defence
It is an easy way of eating healthy, 
 having a white cabbage salad


 You may treat the white cabbage as you wish, cut it into pieces and if needed boil it or heat it up some

Paprika, Pepper

White cabbage heated up with red pepper

Mancino, Italien

Extra virgin olive oil 
flavoured with orange. 

I use the oil over the salad together with salt and black pepper. Sometimes garlic and herbs can be added, depending of what what taste I feel for that day. 

Vinegar can be added too, 
but I dont find it so necessary
...well that is my kind of taste, 
you try and find your own favorite:)


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6 kommentarer:

  1. I love white cabbage salad, and this was a great way for how to make one. Thank you for sharing. :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes its great to have a white cabbage salad, and its very healthy! :)

  2. och man kan göra cole slaw också. Mycket godare att göra egen än att köpa!

  3. Ja Marran... precis! Cole slaw är ju en superbra sallad oxå, enkelt o gott att göra själv!

  4. Very nice post and interesting to read .... I love visiting this blog.

  5. Thank you very much Obat, I am glad you like my blog, feel free visiting anytime you feel for it! Wish you a pleasant day!