måndag 20 augusti 2012

Liebel celebrates!

This afternoon I was happy to visit Liebels litteraturförlag and participate in the celebration of their first book for sale: Barnmorska i Brasilien by Angela Gerkhe Da Silva. 

You find Liebels litteraturförlag AB at Leia accelerator in Umeå. Many companies have their offices here. A criteria for companies at Leia, is that half or more of the owners of the company must be females. Its also a place were artists can show their paintings. I had an exhibition there last year.

I met many old friends their to and got inspired to pick some of the flowers to put in my kitchen when I saw all the flowers given to the company owners Dorothea and Ole Liebel. (Had to get me some carrots too for lunch  tomorrow)


2 kommentarer:

  1. Champagnen vi drack hade jag fått av svärmor och den var god och prisvärd (<200kr). Annars köper jag gärna crèmant för det finns många goda runt 100-lappen.

  2. Älskar bubblande drycker:) Ska absolut testa crémant-alternativet! Tack för tipset, ha en fin dag!