måndag 31 december 2012

Some life thoughts welcoming 2013

Hi Guys

Its me 

The One and Only


 Its time for saying goodbye 2012 
and soon time 
for opening up the champagne


The brand new

One and only 


Can you feel it? 
Can you breath it? 
Can you already enjoy it?  

First some minutes 
of greatfulness 

Baggböle, Calvados

Yes you managed 2012

Some things were hard and 
some things where the best in your life so far. 

Life is a beautiful magical mystery tour and it will continue until last breath, and if you are reading this
I guess you are entering


Still a virgin
posibility being part of  
day by day
minute by minute 
until last breath

Dont overdo it
find your balance 
listen to your inner voice 
the whisper 
of your beautiful 

Join me in my favorite and traditionally played music for New Year

I wish you All 

Happy New Year!

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow 


lördag 29 december 2012

New Year Silver Design

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am proud to present

my latest 

Silver Design

Baggböle silverhantverk

I will wear it on New Years Eve
celebrating and welcoming a superb new year 


But first as the end of 2012 is near 
I will give that year some thoughts, 
..and I dont know about you 

but I lived it 

My way

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

fredag 28 december 2012

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

Hi Guys

Its me again

Mrs Bumble bee:)

Dobidobido... :)

Bumble bee

Oh dear, there is not much left of the year and this will be my last post of 2012

It has been a pleasure being here and
dont worry I will come back for you every friday 2013. Wow - 2013, so many years, so little time..

The ArtandPlejwoman has invited some friends me included, for New Years eve. There will be a lot of good food, as she is an excellent creator in the kitchen. I will stay by the candy table no doubt, welldesigned and easy to enjoy:).


My own tradition for A New Year is to light a candle, celebrating myself still being here... on Earth.  

It will be a pleasure doing it again, contemplating about 2012 and things happening in my life during the year

I am greatful of still being in pretty good shape continuing my Earth Travel 2013. And Im telling you guys..

Health, and good friends and Love all over...that is the shi...t :)

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow


torsdag 27 december 2012

Natural Sounds of Silence


is the voice
listening to it!

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow 

måndag 24 december 2012

Merry Christmas - God Jul

God Jul 
underbara läsare

Merry Christmas 
wonderful readers

This is my lunch for today
traditional lunch "blöta"

Christmas traditions

Remember my homemade bread?
The bread is boiled in vegetable clear soup
In the original recipe the bread should be boiled in clear soup from homemade christmas ham


Love and Peace 
to you All

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow


söndag 23 december 2012

Advent Sunday - Fourth candle

Its time to light 
the fourth candle


and maybe time for contemplating over life 
and the greatfulness of still being here

Baggböle Herrgård

Wishing you All 


Advent Sunday

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

lördag 22 december 2012

My Christmas Kitchen, part 5 Marzipan-roll:)

 I love Marzipan and make some special Marzipan candy every Christmas:)

This year I have made a marzipan-roll possible to cut delicous slices from. 

Yam yam:)

Marzipan, nougat, almonds, hazelnuts, dried fruit: apricot, dates, figs,rum, chocolate

I used Havana club Anejo Reserva dark rum from Cuba, reminding me of a fantastic travel to Cuba many years ago

The fruit cut in pieces together with rum 
for one hour

Almonds and hazelnuts heated up in a 
hot dry pan a few minutes. 
The taste developes like magic doing this!

Ready for the next step

Cut in pieces

I prepared the nougat before 
spreading it out on the marzipan

Nice and easy to spreat out on the marzipan 
already made thin

Put on the fruit and the hazelnuts and alomonds

Start making the roll

It will look like this inside, 
The fruit will show up more and more 
after some slices:)

Covered with chocolate and decorated with 
hazelnuts and almonds

It was very easy to do this marzipan-roll and if you like marzipan I wish you good luck making one yourself


Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

fredag 21 december 2012

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

Hi Guys 

its me again

Mrs Bumble Bee:))

Guess what??

The world is still here!!!
Some of you might have heard about the Mayan calender and the date of the 21th of december. Some people said the world would collapse this date, and some said

 ... it will be the startdate of a new better era.

Lets celebrate the better times coming:)
The ArtandPlejwomans christmas holiday starts this afternoon. 
I have arranged a flowerpowersurprise for her:)

 I found an old flower in a very bad shape 
in one of the windows.
I thought it might cheer up some in this christmas mixed beauty and return to health:)

I used some christmas decorations and put it  together with the flowers

A small Santa resting in the FlowerPowerJungle

A Hyacinth 
Makes Christmas together with
 Osmonds christmas music complete:)

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow


torsdag 20 december 2012

Angie and Birdie Nam Nam, Christmas special:)

I have some special Christmas
 guests coming to my house
every year

Angie and Birdie Nam Nam

They arrive short before Christmas,
 just in time for start playing Osmonds Christmas album. They always stay on top of my christmas tree.

When they arrive we celebrate drinking glögg and have some ginger bread. It has become a tradition celebrating christmas with them and they have become a reminder of why we are celebrating. 

They wanted me to say hello from them telling you

You are Beautiful
You are Good enough
You are Funny and Simply the best


They wish you to 

   Always be Yourself     

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

onsdag 19 december 2012

Karlssons Christmas Kitchen, part 4 Candy time

Ladies and Gentlemen

Time for some goodie nam nam:)

Lakrits kola - I just love it!

I am almost addicted to liquorice and prefer the salt kind:)

recept lakritskola

3 dl cream, 3 dl sugar, 1 dl sirup, 2 table spoons liquorice pulver or 1/2 dl "crached" turkish pepper, 1 table spoon butter, 100g dark chocolate (70%)

The start - boiling like crazy:)


Ready to be covered by chocolate

Chocolate, melt in a bowl on top of a pan 
with boiling water


Ready to eat
Liquorice candy covered with dark chocolate and with crached "turkish pepper" (salt liquorice) on top


In the night
the small people talk
in the night
the small people dance
in the night
the small people wish
a good nights sleep for all of us

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow


tisdag 18 december 2012

My Christmas Kitchen part 3, Saffrans-skorpor

Saffrans-skorpor/saffron biscuits

They sure are one of my Christmas favorites
I make them every Christmas, and sometimes for the summer as its very good to have some good biscuits in the house. You can choose other flavors, I one time added lavendel, it was super!

yam yam:)


I use a recipe from  

 Saffron and sugar in a mortar
this one once belonged to my grandmother


 Use a machine for making 1/3 of the almonds 
into small pieces

Dark chocolate with high cacao level cut in pieces together with almond in pieces

2 egg, 2 dl sugar 1 g saffron and 1 teaspoon salt, together with almond and chocolate

1 teaspoon baking powder, 2 dl wheatflour,
add some more
little by little, not too much!


 Let the machine make a dough for you


 The dough cut in three pieces, rolled 
and "pushed" on:)

15-20 minutes 180 degrees

Almost ready but need to be cut into pieces and dry in oven of 100 degrees 30-40 minutes


 Ready to eat

Maybe dip it into a glass of red wine
as they do in Italy:)

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow