fredag 30 november 2012

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

Hi Guys

Here I come again:)

Mrs Bumble Bee

The one and only:))


Bumble Bee

Guess you have been looking on the art created by the ArtandPlejwoman?

What do you think?

She is creating all over the house, and I think she is doing ok. Its fantastic following her doing creative experiments finding new materials to create from. 

 Being in this creative house, I must admit I get inspired to create my own art

Last night when she was sleeping, I seized the oppportunity grabbing her camera and I found some really good art motives. Its a fact, I cannot paint I am afraid of being a permanent part of a painting, if it is still wet. You know fall down or sit down on it and remain...ohhh!! 
Yes, its a kind of catastrophe thinking but I guess that is the only weakness I have.  

       Here is the result  of my intuitiv photographing 

 (I feel its very important for an artist 
to find a unique style)

Baggböle, bro


Mrs Bumble Bee

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow 

torsdag 29 november 2012

Blue Christmas and Aronia

I have started preparing some for christmas, by taking down the 

 Aronia berries

 hanging in my kitchen window since autumn to get dry

Here is the result

Aronia put in a small bowl with the classic Picknick patern

 created in the fifties by Marianne Westman
  for Rörstrand, Sweden

I got the feeling that the blue colour of Aronia might look good together with a red colour
I found them very well matched together 
when checking it out

I also associated to some 
special Christmas music

Enjoy the memorable 

Elvis Presley 


Blue Christmas

I feel that all different colours 
are ok for Christmas

No matter what colours you choose 
Use your heart to feel what suits you..

And what ever you choose 
Christmas will come any way 

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

onsdag 28 november 2012

Radio Haga - Umeå, Sweden

started by

Alexander, Jesper and Måns


Three young and creative music lovers from 


seized and opportunity and started 
the web radio 

Listen and enjoy their chooise of music 

By mobil 


Alexander and Jesper
in the studio

One of many creative steps 
taken in  Umeå

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

Arts of Culture, Umeå Capital of Culture 2014

I am proud to present

Capitol of culture 2014

Umeå Arts campus includes: 
Umeå School of Architecture, Umeå Institute of Design and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. It also includes Bildmuseet – the university's museum of contemporary art and visual culture...

kulturhuvudstadsåret 2014

 ...the digital experimental workshop HumLab-X and the dynamic "Sliperiet" incubator which opens next year.

Kultur Campus, Umeå universitet

The campus is situated by Umeå-älven,
and includes a very good restaurant, with great dishes, coffee and cakes. The whole area is close to the rest of the university

Umeå Arts Campus is also included as part of the investment towards Umeå's

..and if you are asking me 

- Umeå is a boiling like a creative cultural mix

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

tisdag 27 november 2012

August prize winners 2012

The August prize winners of


Göran Rosenberg


Honoured as this years August prize winner in the fiction genre with the book called: 

"Ett kort uppehåll på vägen från Auschwitz", 
a book about his fathers way out from Auschwitz to Södertälje 1949. 


Ingrid Carlberg

Honoured for the August prize 
in the specialist litterature genre 

"Det står ett rum här och väntar på dig..."
Berättelsen om Raoul Wallenberg


Nina Ulmaja

Honoured for the best 
childrens book 

"ABC och allt om D"


The Winner of the Small August prize

Ulrika Nettelblad
and her book

Route 66

I first heard about the news on Kulturnyheterna/Culture News a swedish program sent for 20 minutes every monday to friday, filled with cultural news


Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

måndag 26 november 2012

New weeks- New Doors

I dont know about you 
but I find new weeks beautiful

It is like 


Opening up a door

that never have been opened up before

Full of 

Secrets and Surprises

Scary monsters and Illusions

Play and Joy

Life and Death


But watch out, dont loose
the meaning of them being there..

Toscana, Italien

by moving your steps
too fast through them

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

söndag 25 november 2012

A moment of your Life

A moment of your Life 

a memorable unit of the collection 
of moments in your Heart

Just think of it... and realize that without doubt what you are facing is your life

Live it and no mather what happens

...understand that you are the 

Creator of your life

Lucca Toscana

At this moment in my Life 
 I am drinking coffee

What is taking place in your Life
at this moment?

What is yours?

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow 


lördag 24 november 2012

Art of Mine updated




I painted this one some years ago

always using the principles of

Follow your Heart 
Fly and Flow


fredag 23 november 2012

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

Hi Guys:)

... yes its me again..:)

The one and only
Mrs Bumble Bee.. ta da:)

Bumble bee 
 I feel I need to talk some serious business 
with you!  

Shit, you might think..

but I said shit when I read your minds this week..
well some of them anyway.. 


I read your minds and felt an anxious scary tension of "will I manage" 
in my bumble bee body 

I felt it all over..

Arent you pleased with yourself..

AT ALL???????

Ok some of you seem to be veeeeery very satisfied, but it seems to be a combination of satisfaction only when you have money  

- Am I wrong or am I wright?? 

( I need coffee!!)

What on Earth is happening 
with the human beings.. 

I actually had to sit down and cry for some minutes but then I got angry and then I realized that something really creepy is happening on earth.

I remember one time reading some old documents about  buying a lot of things, good prices, good quality, and pleeenty of labels to choose between..  

But Please!!!! 

How many kinds of honey do you need? 
And cheese, and shoes, and..and..

I eat honey, I rest some, sleep some and for some reason that I dont know the reason of, I have been choosen to talk with you guys now and then

This is my life, and I have never ever any kind of thought in my head saying 

-Am I going to make it? 
Will I have enough money when I retire...

I love you all very much, 
and that is why I want to give you a suggestion..
Those of you who use to buy christmas gifts
...and yet havent started

julgodis tomtar

You... lucky Guys 

- still have the possibility to not start doing it:)

(and the rest of you who already have started,  
give me a call,
 maybe CBT or something 
can work it out:)

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

onsdag 21 november 2012

One of the Secrets of Life

One of the Secrets of Life is

That the only thing you have to do with it


Ume-älven Baggböle


Live it

 Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

tisdag 20 november 2012

Eva Dahlgren - Golden Performance in Umeå

on Tour

Yesterday giving a super performance at Folkets hus Umeå her birthtown
- leaving no heart untouched. 

And I was lucky being there!

Delivering many of the good old hits 
and some of her new Diamonds

"Vem tänder stjärnorna" 
one of her Golden hits!

translated into enghlish:

Who turns the stars on?


...who on Earth or 


Heaven is doing it? :)

.. or

..maybe Love 
has something to do with it? 

En blek blondins hjärta

Singing the Top hit

Kom och håll om mig

 from the album: 

En blekt blondins hjärta
(one of my favorite albums)

I think she turned into trance

...and afterwards the keyboardplayer 
started playing softly...

...and she ended with singing

Ängeln i rummet
(The Angel in the room)    

  This was Strong
this was vibrating of  


..and if it had not already happened
I guess 
..every heart was opened up 
and tears were falling...

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow



Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

måndag 19 november 2012

Fire and Bread - Baking the old-fashioned way

Twice a year my family and I are baking bread the traditional old-fashioned way. 

The bread is called tunnbröd
but the real name is: "kakunn". 

It is very special and funny doing it

I feel honoured being able of doing it and have done it since I was young

Ladies and Gentlemen here we go!

It all starts with a fire..

..heating up the owen!

Baggböle, eld

The bread is baked in a stonebuilt owen 
heated up with fire

We start heating up the owen, 
 the evening before the baker day

Tunnbröd, bagarstuga

We also start making the dough the evening before the baking-day

this one is made of 6 liter milk

The dough is divided into smaller pieces

 There are several steps 
for making it thin and good enough

Baggböle kavla

Now the cake is ready 
for the owen

Vedeldad ugn

Its warm inside the owen 
and the cake starts developing at once


You need to stay alert and not hesitate 
when the cake needs help to change direction as it gets warmer the more inside it is 
and also by the sides where the fire is.

Gamla tider

A new baked cake

Every cake stay on this place first and then...


... they are kept in an old wood barrel.

Gravad lax

This is the lunch and the main dish"bryta" is: bread broken into pieces, milk and jam. 

Its not just any jam this time it is hjortronsylt
 The berries are sometimes called:
- The Gold from the North.


Dinner time and home made pizza next to go
everyone made his/her own pizza


Its not a joke

- This pizza is a Winner!:)


We made 16 pizzas and 
we were 8 people eating. 

After all this work and enjoyment, 
it was very easy to find resting 
the best thing to do

Follow Your Heart
Fly and Flow