tisdag 31 december 2013

Happy New Year - Welcome 2014




Recycling Vinyl

Showing you a little teaser of my latest art
acrylic on vinyl records

The tradition with fresh lobster and Champagne
returned this year better made then ever

Celebrate and be happy!


Love and Peace to you All

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

onsdag 25 december 2013

Merry Christmas from me to you!

Merry Christmas!

There is no Christmas wihtout a lot of good food 
I love sitting eating for hours 
no stress only pure enjoyment!

These photos show some of the traditional food 
served during Christmas Eve in Sweden

Actually it was what I had for dinner this Christmas Eve :)

I didnt take photos of all of the dishes included 
we also had the traditional "Lutfisk"and before going home we had a nice 
porridge made out of rice

As a tradition we put two almonds in the porridge and the one who gets an almond will marry during next year

Maybe some of your neighbours dont have any christmas food or ..is sitting alone

An invitation might be the best Christmas gift for you to give this year..

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

måndag 16 december 2013

Handmade by Karlsson

Yesterday it was time for sending some 
Christmas cards
but I didnt have any at home


I found myself playing with water colours
a colour experiment

I used some of it transforming it into this years

Christmas cards

Handmade by Karlsson, Baggböle Umeå

Handmade by Karlsson

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

söndag 15 december 2013

Art of Mine updated



by me

Acrylic on Wood

together with 

recycled material

Vedic Art Anna Karin Karlsson

Follow your Heart

Fly and Flow

onsdag 4 december 2013

Art of Mine updated


painted by me

Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on Canvas, by me

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

söndag 1 december 2013

Advent, Bread and Pizza

Yesterday was filled with traditional activities
in our bakery house 
baking traditional swedish bread

We were three generations together 
enjoying the luxury moment 
of baking bread the old fashioned way!

Karlssons tunnbröd, Baggböle

A very nice sandwich with the bread covered with 
butter and salmon 
It was superb! 

In the end we made pizza in the owen
with open fire

This is the best pizza ever made!
Yam yam yammie:)

Baggböle, Umeå, Sweden

Wish you all a peace and love filled Advent

Follow your Heart 
Fly and Flow