fredag 17 augusti 2012

Meaningful activities

Daily activities, have you thought about what you feel is meaningful doing?  

When we talk about meaningful activities maybe leasure activities pop up in your mind as the things you find meaningful, funny and very interesting doing. Or maybe you think about the work you have if you have one, and what kind of activities you like and dont like in it.   
Except from these kind of activities there are daily activities that most of us dont even notice being there. I am talking about for excample waking up in the morning, laying five minutes more in the bed, drinking coffee by the kitchen table, saying hello to your neighbour on your way to the bus... and many many more of those activities that become a kind of foundation in life carrying us through it on a basic level. 
Maybe it represents the kind of activities we dont plan so much doing, they more or less happen spontaneous and sometimes happen as they are included in the daily rythm. I beleive that these kind of activities are worth celebrating being in my life, because they are most of them of low cost, spontaneous and I dont have to use my brain so much figuring out if I should do it or not.

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