tisdag 13 november 2012

Does everything have to have a purpose?

This morning, I woke up super alert with a 
..ta di da... :) 

Got myself ready for breakfast 

-  a sandwich with smoked salmon, philadelphia cheese and some wasabi spread out 

... and a big cup of coffee with milk

yam yam yammi:)

Time came for decorating myself 

- what necklace do I feel for today?

My eyes fell on a necklace I bought in 
India many years ago

... I took it...


..The necklace broke!!!!!!

All the pearls spread out all over the floor!!!!


I dont know...

I could think of a lot of reasons why it might have happened...

But the fact of putting them on a nice piece of handicraft bought in Greece many years ago, 

I feel for deciding its a message for me to understand ....

Italien, Toscana
Cinque terre, Italy 2011

..that it is time 
for making travel plans again:)

Follow Your Heart
Fly and Flow

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh no, so sorry your necklace broke. But very happy to hear that it lead you to making travel plans again. As you probably know by now, I love travleing. Hehe. So I look forward to see where your plans will take you (I hope you share them here). Rome perhaps. ;-)

    And I do believe everything has a purpose.

    Fortsatt trevlig vecka (eller kanske jag ska säga helg nu), Anna Karin.

  2. Guess what.. this necklace has broken one time before... I dont know why! :) Yes I have figured out you love travelling! I will keep you posted about my plans, it might be Rome - I just loved your post about Rome! Ha en underbar kväll och kommande helg!