söndag 12 augusti 2012

Winner of Gold - Not for Sale

This berry is called Åkerbär in swedish. I didnt find any english name for it in my dictonary, maybe a symbol of how rare it is to find this kind of berry nowadays. When I grow up, my mother used to pick 10-20 liters of them every year. Nowadays its like winning a 100m race of the olympic games if you find any of it at all.Yesterday found a place and nobody had been there before me. I picked totally 12 dl Åkerbär and felt like a Winner.

It might not be the funniest thing to do, taking care of the berries but afterwards you feel as you have found gold and now have made it ready for eating them or doing jam or liqueur or what ever comes up in your mind.

I choose to make Åkerbärslikör from some of the berries. It will take some time before its ready to drink,  and it will be served on very very special occations by me.  

4 kommentarer:

  1. Härligt! Jag kommer ihåg att det fanns åkerbär där jordgubbarna var förut längs det röda "skjulet" där hästarna brukade vara förut. Har kollat något år efter bären, men de verkar inte komma tillbaka dit mer.

  2. De flesta platser har nog växt igen... bären försvinner...De här bären är från ett annat ställe:).

  3. I so envy you... I remember picking lots of Åkerbär as a kid at my grandparents place and the jam my mother made of it was sooo delicious with vanilla icecream! We kids were not allowed, however, to taste the licueur they made ... I once heard them called Arctic Raspberries by an englishman.

    1. Good to have a name on them - Arctic Raspberries. I was almost in chock when I realized that nobody had been on this place picking berries before..I was number One on the place:)