tisdag 21 augusti 2012


This plant is called Johannesört/ Hypericum perforatum, I have plenty of them in my garden, in fact I have too much of them.

Yellow flowers brings butterflies into the garden, I have noticed and also read about it. Soon as autumn is coming, some beautiful butterflies will be visiting, enjoying life.

Today I started doing schnapps - I added flowers of Johannesört
into a bottle of alcohol

After a few minutes the colour change in the bottle. The parts in the middle of the flower gives a light red colour to the alcohol. The flowers will stay in the bottle for some weeks, then I will separare the flowers from the alcohol and the schnapps is ready to drink. If you try to do this, do keep it for some years if possible (guess not) because it developes and gets better and better.

                                                       Öppna Landskap - Ulf Lundell

Do click on the link and listen to the swedish artist Ulf Lundell singing one of his most famous songs - Öppna landskap. He sings about that he loves living in open landscapes...and that he put Johannesört in his schnapps.


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  1. Har testat förut blir bättre o bättre om den får mogna. Kram