lördag 25 augusti 2012

Greece in My Heart Forever

This post I will dedicate to Eva in Athens. She was the lady who finally made me start blogging. Check out her fantastic photo blog here and her regular blog here. Her regular blog is available in both swedish and english. Hope you love her blogs as much as I do.

I do love Greece and think that Greece contains of many beautiful views for photographing. I include some photos on the theme of food and restaurants. All photos are taken by me last year visiting the island Lesvos.

Lunch break time

Lesvos Grekland

On this taverna I had a nice glas of white wine as an after beach booster for relaxing and meditating over life.

No comments

A traditional plate of meze

The final dinner taverna

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  1. Me loves Lesvos:)/Eva B

  2. Tack snälla Anna Karin! Du är ju för gullig!!!
    Wonderful pictures, or stunning actually!