lördag 15 september 2012

Karlssons cuicine - Enjoy!

I love to improvise when I cook. Experimenting is really fun!  Today I used a lot of vegetables, like spinach, tomatoes, zuchini, feta-cheese, basil, garlic in the kitchen.

vegetarian recipe

This is the process and result of my vegetarian ecological dinner of today - Enjoy! 

I made a shell to add all the ingredients into after having had the shell empty in heated owen for ten minutes

I put a mix of eggs and milk and youghurt to the green ingredients and mixed it carefully with love.

This was added into the shell and slices of tomatoes, zuchini and small pieces of feta-cheese came on top.

This is the ready made vegetarian greece inspired dish
and I promise you - it was delicious and a glas of red wine was a perfect combo for tonights dinner! 

During dinner suddenly this one occured - and I remember when I had the opportunity to go with a balloon like this many years ago. Life is a miracle and you never know what comes up next. 

4 kommentarer:

  1. If I was not a vegan I would want some. :) Looks Yummy.

    1. Well..hehe... it was really good and maybe you could change some of it and make it the vegan way? :)

  2. you've got wonderful moment! I wish i can cook well but i think by keep reading blog like this- one day i'll just cook. and i wish that day i can also that thing.

    1. Yes it was a wonderful moment in my kitchen. I add posts like this now and then, feel free joining my blog for you inspiration improving in the kithcen! I checked out your blog - you seem to have lots of fun! :)