onsdag 29 augusti 2012

Åkerbärslikör - ready to drink!

Åkerbärslikör - ecologic and nice!

Do you remember my earlier post about making Åkerbärslikör? You may compare the photo of my earlier post in Åkerbärslikör with the photos present in this post. The colour in the bottle has changed.

The alcohol now is red coloured and the berries have very little red colour left. Its obvious if you compare the photos but also if you look at the photo present in this post you see very little colour left on the berries.

Next step is to 1. separate the berries from the "red alcohol". 2. Boil ecologic sugar with water and wait until cold temperature. 3.  Add the "sugar-water" into the åkerbär-flavoured alcohol.

Åkerbärslikör, Baggböle

Its ready to drink at once but I will save it for special occuations as its very rare. A nice thing to do is to put some Åkerbärslikör in the bottom of a glas of champagne and then fill the rest of the glas with half dry sparkling wine.


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  1. Well, I would loved to taste at least once as it looks so good...:-D

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  3. Thank you so both so much! Its really a good dring yes :)... and I will continue sharing info - glad you like my blog posts!