måndag 27 augusti 2012

Coconut oil- virgin and organic

Coconut oil - virgin and organic

Coconut oil did you know about the good health prefarences in it?
My friend Aquil Henry wrote about health-benefits of coconut-oil in his blog. Its a super informative article I recommend you to read it.  


cocos olja ekologisk

Some use the coco oil for cooking, some for the skin and the hair and some
for baking etc. It seems very usefull. It should be virgin oil, and of course prefarable organic, dont buy any other. 

The coco oil has a very hig nutritive value. One of the oils components is "laurinsyra", that is something  you find in breast milk and makes the child strong and healthy. Pure coco like the one I am writing aobut, includes 50% of laurinsyra. You only find laurinsyra on such high level in breast milk and coco oil. The oil includes "components having an anti candida, anti bacteriell and anti virus effect on the body.

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  1. Nice article. Is laurinsyra the same thing as Lauric acid?

  2. Yes my friend it is - thank you for inspiring me - I bought the bottle you see in the photo!

  3. Yes its really interesting and I used it for cooking tonight...gave the vegetables a light taste of coco - I recommend it!!! Soo good!