torsdag 10 januari 2013

Skiing in the Dark - Nature unit

My fantastic brother sometimes goes skiing in the evening when its dark and where there are no lamps outside lightning up the snow. 


He uses a lamp like this, made for putting on the head lightening up what comes in front

I finally got inspired, seized the opportunity, borrowed one of his lamps and went out skiing!

Can you see the magic snowcrystals?


Darkness is a safe place, 
in this case a very quiet place too
The only sound, was the sound of me skiing.

Darkness and light are each others needed opposite

A few colours a few shapes and lots of shades


A magic tour

in unit with nature

And even if you dont have snow where you are, 
there are always some darkness 
somewhere in the light

and there are always some light 
somewhere in the darkness 
building up beatiful shades, 

A natural installation worth visiting

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

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