torsdag 17 januari 2013

Fast food Salmon Pasta Surprise

I felt soo much for having pasta and fish yesterday. I went to the supermarket on my way home from work, buying some cold smoked salmon and fresh pasta. As usual I started improvise when cooking and I felt this would not take long before it would be ready to eat. Some delicous fast food started developing coming my way.
I used spinach from the farm, kept in my freezer. 
I cut spinach and leek into pieces.

purjolök, vitlök
Onion and garlic into pieces and
my own hot chili

kallrökt lax

The most delicious cold smoked salmon, 
cut into pieces. Smoked at a local company called "Norums rökeri"

Preparing for the fresh pasta to boil!
Do you notice the little light angel in the water?

coconut oil
Here we go, I heated it up in coconut oil

salmon Baggböle

Some ecologic tomato paste
Baggböle salmon

Ecologic cream - let it boil together a few minutes

recipe Baggböle

The pasta added

Pasta recipe

Ready to eat - and very delicious!

Fast food 
 the way 

The ArtandPlejwoman likes it:) 

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