fredag 11 januari 2013

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

 Hi Guys

its me

The one and only

Mrs Bumble bee :))))

One week of the new year is already gone


Angie and Birdie Nam nam 
left the house yesterday night!

Chocking??? Yes!!!!

They told me to say hello to you all and to wish you all a very good new year!

 They left for their yearly world tour talking about love and peace and will come back again 
short before next christmas.

These guys are also about to leave
and have started packing their things

And oh yes, they wanted me to say some things to you 
- Please dont buy so much things 
for next christmas! 
This Christmas was very hard for them with too many things to carry. Many of them developed back pain, some of them got burned-out syndroms dont sleep well and already thinking a lot of all work coming up for next christmas eve!


Some of them are planning to stay, but you will not be able of seeing them as they will put on their special clothes making them invisible


They will do the very best making you understand that love and happiness  
is not for sale in the shops

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

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