torsdag 3 januari 2013

First post 2013 - Amazing!


Yes it is amazing. A brand new year. One more time being a part of delivering a newborn- still a virgin, still like the questions coming from the moon, questions without answers. 

 I never set any goals for a New year but I do focus on and deepen the direction I want

 What kind of direction do you wish to go for? 

In the end of the year I find it important doing things I love to do, letting the energy of it influence and empower the new year coming. 

This year... 

I spent the last hours

painting and cooking for New Years eve 

vedic art
 Art work in my Studio

champagne pilgrimsmusslor
Champagne, lobster and scallops together with cheese flavoured with champagne, salad and mango

vitvinssås rom
Fillets of plaice filled with salmon, roe, potatoes grown on the farm 
and whitewine sauce 
mascarponeglass hallon
Rasberry sorbet filled with icecream made of mascarpone, flavored with  liqueur 43 and mothers homebaked wafer roll

Still some more days off from work and time for painting, nice walks and meditation 

2013 starts the creative way:)

I wish you all a very good start 
of the new year 2013

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

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