tisdag 29 januari 2013

Rönnbär/Rowanberry - C-vitamin booster!

This time of the year, we have almost nothing left of our strenght system built up during last years summer, autumn being in the sun, eating much from nature. Its good having some kind of tricks helping yourself out, boostering up a bit, hopefully good enough avoiding weakness in the immune system


These berries might feel sour eating and not good at all, but they are very good for your health!

Rowanberry immune system
I picked and dried these Rowanbeeries last autumn. 
There were plenty of them last year.

Rönnbär Rowanberry

 In swedish they are called Rönnbär, and they are very
rich of C-vitamin. By eating 5-10 berries each day you secure your need of C-vitamin and hopefully you will remain healthy!

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2 kommentarer:

  1. Cool! I had no idea that eating 5-10 berries each day is enough to secure our need of C-vitamin. And it is actually free too if we pick them ourselves. Great advice! :)

    Thanks for sharing, Anna-Karin.

  2. Thank you! Yes they are very rich of C-vitamin - and as you say totally free picking them eating them:)