lördag 5 januari 2013

Sandwich surprise with lambsteak

You might have eaten a lot of good things during the Christmas holidays, and finally dont feel for cooking anymore. Looking into the refrigerator might feel as looking into an empty box, and the ideas of what to create out of nothing a challenge.

Yesterday I wanted to make something 
nice and easy for lunch, I found some lambsteak in my refrigerator

I decided to create a sandwich with lambstek, 
but what would I add?

benraise sauce
 Ecological bread spread with béarnaise sauce

bernaise sauce
Two slices of lamb steak


 One boiled egg cut into small pieces

Leek cut into slices, salt and black pepper

Eaten bite after bite....

and then 

time for a nice walk outside


What to put on your sandwich is your choice and going out for a walk your possibility of 
giving yourself some bodymovement

Follow your Heart

Fly and Flow


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  1. Smaskig macka det där! Underbara bilder från Baggböle, Anna Karin!
    Ha en fin helg!♥