lördag 12 januari 2013

Glass fusing - New Necklace!

I am sooo happy! 

When I came home yesterday I had a small package in my postbox with the most beautiful necklace in it

I was looking at different bloggs some days ago at  

and finally reached

by Grace Galdo

and I could not help it falling in love 
with this necklace:)

The "pearls" are made by the method glass fusing, a 4000 year old method The oldest glases have been found in Babylonia dated 2500 bc. The egyptians also used the method 1500 bc making glasses

This necklace is a piece of art in itself
its like a unique universe inside of it

I have been using some fused glass in my art painting lately myself, having small pieces together with the acrylic colours. Glass is a fantastic material! I got very much inspired continuing with my own creative path finding this necklace and I will continue creating experimenting my ideas into reality

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

2 kommentarer:

  1. Με γεια, Anna Karin! Verkligen ett konstverk, skoj när man hittar något som man verkligen tycker om sådär.

  2. Tack Eva! Ja, det berikar och inspirerar! Jag är himla nyfiken på att testa glas fusing själv..men tiden räcker inte till...:) Kram kära vän!