torsdag 27 september 2012

Heart Spa Breath - for Love and Peace

I might have told you before, 
I beleive that Peace on Earth starts from creating Peace inside of Human beings Hearts. 

In what shape is your Heart? 
Do you need to do some Heart Spa?

Spot from one of the entrance doors at the area of  the towern of Pisa

How do you feel, are you on the run all the time, do you enjoy being with yourself, do you need drugs and alcohol every time you relax and how often do you recognize yourself running full of fear instead of being in the present moment full of Love?

Photo taken in one of the beautiful citas in Cinque Terre  - Monterosso
Cinque Terre
one of the most beautiful places on earth

Many questions..and maybe the answers are less important than the growing feeling inside of you longing for L O V E - and how you take care of it transforming it into pure L O V E.

cinque terre
Cinque Terre, view

I have some suggestions for you that you might find interesting to try if connecting with your Heart more is what you long for
Heart Spa Breath

1. When you wake up in the morning- stay in bed for some minutes before going up.

2. Close your eyes

 3. Focus on your breath and follow the breath the total way going inside and then going outside your body

4. Begin from your inhale, 
notice a cold feeling when it enters your nose

5. Follow the inhale down to the very end of your feet and toes, notice how it feels with, using a no doubting mind.

6. Follow the exhale the same way, notice how it feels, using a no doubting mind. 

7. Notice a warm feeling inside your nose when your breath is leaving your nose

Follow 5 breaths like this and then contine your Day!


The point is to become aware of Yourself and enter your Day being Present!

This can be practiced when ever a slow down speed and relaxation is needed during the day, and when you feel for giving yourself some care and recognition 

 There is always time for 

Love and Peace

4 kommentarer:

  1. A Heart spa sounds lovely. It is so important to find ways to be present in the day, as so many of us rush around and wonder not only why we are so tired, but where the day has gone. Lovely pictures! Blessings for the weekend, Amanda

  2. Hello Amanda! Nice to see you here! Yes, I agree with you, there is too much running going in. I beleive that nature and creative activities are good tools for booster us being in the present and sometimes doing what I wrote about can also be used. Blessings to you Amanda!

  3. hai un grande cuore..complimenti Anna gioia sempre

  4. Grazie! I feel proud that you like my post... and the italian beautiful views!