torsdag 4 oktober 2012

INNOSOL Bright Light therapy Manhattan - URGENCY!


This part of the year the hours of daylight decreases. Many of us get very tired and can feel depressed because of this. 

Light therapy is something that might help you, but you need to start now for a chance to make the level of D-vitamin already built up reamin!


I ordered a Light therapy lamp called Manhattan from Ergoff, inspired by an occupational therapist working there.

The Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rythms is a non profit organization, dedicated to fostering research, professional development and clinical applications in the fields of light therapy and biological rhythms.

Research have been made related to light and biological rhythms including seasonal affective disorder (SAD), jet lag, shift work, sleep disorders, eating disorders, nonseasonal depression, bipolar disorder, and premenstrual syndrome.

Good sleep, a healthy way of eating and movement like going for walks combined with good light helps us make it through the dark winter.  

When my lamp was installed at home, I sat down and boostered the enjoyable moment by listening to PeterLeMarc latest album

Peter LeMarc, Gråta som en karl - Cry like a man

Take care of youself - Life is short!

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