torsdag 25 oktober 2012

My Stockholm Tour part one

My Stockholm Tour 
was lovely!

Enjoy some of the photos taken during my Tour


The Capitol of Sweden

Södermalm, Söder, Stockholm
Götgatan, Stockholm

This street is called Götgatan situatied in Södermalm,
"Söder", the south parts of Stockholm.
"Söder" is filled by many old streets, buildings, nice shops, restaurants, galleries etc. 

I love the place! 

Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Old town

One of many small narrow alleys in the 
"Old Town" of Stockholm

Gamla Stan, Old Town, Stockholm

You can feel the vibrations 
of old days walking here

Gamla Stan, Old Town, Stockholm

Old Town of Stockholm is very inspiring if you 
like narrow streets and alleys
 and enjoy old buildings!

Gamla Stan, Old Town, Stockholm

There are many squares in Old Town, 
each of them having its own charm.

Gamla Stan, Old Town, Stockholm

Gyldene Freden in front
a famous restaurant, 


The Swedish Academy still have their dinner every thursday here.

Gamla Stan, Old Town, Stockholm

I was lucky visiting a friends art studio

having this special view looking out through the window.

More photos will be posted later on
to be continued.... 

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  1. Stockhom är så myyyyyyyyyyysigt / <3 Eva

    1. En helt fantastisk stad, så många möjligheter, mysigheter! Kram:)