fredag 26 oktober 2012

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday speech

Hi Guys

Surpriiiise, surpriiiisssse:)))))))

I am back again:)))) 
 ... have you missed me? (of course you have)

I have been resting for a while because I needed it, but now I am fit for fight again and guess what!!! .... I have signed a contract on this blog and will be writing every friday telling you things worth knowing. 

Humla, existentiellt

Sounds good or? 
Heeey..dont be shy.. did I hear a yesssss!!!!!? :))))
I will do my best 

I will start by telling you a top secret (dont tell anyone!). You know this ArtandPlej woman, she has been here on the planet for many years now.. and I think she is pretty much ok..and guess what??!!

..She still developes!! 
Shit, yes its possible!!

Its fascinating being so close to a persons developement. I am not sure if she notice her own developement, but I do. dear ladies and gentlemen!

Every breath you take,
every move you make...
...will bless you in your developement no matter what travel ticket you have choosen.

You are already good enough, a matter of fact you are perfect!

 ..for one reason or maybe two, each one of you have choosen to come here visiting the planet giving yourself and those around you... a generous share...of Love and of the beauty of

Your Soul! 

..and that sure is Good Enough:))) 


2 kommentarer:

  1. Omg Every breath you take, every move you make... Its The Police - Every Breath You Take song I LOVE IT!!!!! You have great post here :)

    1. YEs Police.. they are really good, and Mrs Bumble Bee..what can I say..She is veery special:)