fredag 19 oktober 2012

Indian cuisine, by Karlsson

I just loooove indian food

follow me making a delicious vegetgarian indian dish!

indian dish, spinach

Spinach, this one from my garden - strong, healthy and full of good things. Spinach is the main ingrediens in this dish. My mother gave me this recipe. She got it from a lady who have visited India several times.

indisk mat, spenat

1. Cut onion and garlic in small pieces, add two slices of garlic in pieces and let it heat up some minutes on medium heat. 2. Add crashed tomatoes, 200g spinach in pieces and let it mix/boil together. 3. I also added some fresh tomatoes cut in pieces

At this time you will understand that something really good will be ready to eat in some minutes, as a fantastic aroma in the kitchen starts developing!

Garam masala
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4. Add basil and garam masala, salt and pepper. The best is to add it little by little, then after a while find out what amount you want.

5. Cut cheese in pieces and give it a quick heat up in oil.

6. Add the cheese and some cream into the mix of vegetables now having developed the most fantastic connection with each other expressing a superb taste of heaven. 

I beleive that indian food many times have a mix of tastes in it that together make the whole dinner a healing gift from heaven! 

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