måndag 4 februari 2013

Art & Eco, Green House, Umeå

Art & Eco

The first vintage eco shop 
in north Sweden

Vintage and second hand, 
Ecologic materials and Etic producing
Fairtrade and Fair Trade
Recycling, redesign, and local design

Art&Eco Umeå
Art & Eco was founded by the owner, Heléne Idahl in 2008 after 14 years in New York working for UD

Helené wants to make difference in big and small green environmental questions, making sustainable development being a natural part on every level in the society. 
The concept is 100 % Green

Art&Eco Umeå
The Arena for Sustainability 
in Northern Sweden

Creating a Green Galleria 
a marketplace representing 
sustainable products and services 
Events about sustainable development 
Everyone is welcome joining
The Green House
and the green sustainable important 
work and network!

At the moment a program with sustainable activities is being created as a part of


Umeå Capitol of Culture 2014
One week ago Heléne and Art & Eco participated in "Handelsgalan" nominated for the price of the most "sustainable shop" of the year in Umeå

Art & Eco 
didnt win the contest this year, 


proposes a cheer for a 
never ending development of a

Green Umeå
Green World
The People  
(and of course all the living existents) 
 and The Planet 
in a 
Green Sustainable Unit

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

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