onsdag 27 februari 2013

Birdland - Jazzy birds in Umeå

Looking at these photos
 of ducks taken outside 
in Umeå 

I come to think of

A Jazzclub started in 1949 in New York 

named after

Sjukhusdammen, änder

Norrlands Universitetssjukhus, änder

sjukhusdammen Umeå


Jazzy birds listening to 

Enjoying Life in the Sun

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

4 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous ducks! I adore Charlie Parker's music, too.

    1. Thank you! Yes the ducks are special and so i the music of Charlie Parker. His music will remain classic!

  2. There's a creek near my house where I see beautiful ducks like these almost every day. I love to watch them-they always seem so peaceful.

    1. Thank you! Wow that sounds so special! They are very special to watch!