fredag 15 februari 2013

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

Hi Guys 

Yes... its me again:))))

Mrs Bumble Bee!

Amore, Love, Amor, Kärlek, Liebe
Te quiero
Te amo
Ich liebe Dich
Je t' aime 
Jag älskar Dig
I love You

The Valentin day yesterday 
made me fly extra high!

So much Love all over!
And very good for all the bumble bee refugees

My favorite song - Fly me to the Moon
My favorite food - Honey with Love
My favorite drink - Champagne
My favorite dance - Salsa
My favorite shower fragrance - Vanilla
My favorite company - The ArtandPlejwoman
My favorite movie - Bridges of Madison county
Fairtrade gelé hjärtan

Homebaked Vanilla Hearts
Fairtrade Red Hearts with sugar on

Remember Love 
is available every day, 
every moment
Just open your heart!

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

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