fredag 1 februari 2013

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

Hi Guys

Its me again:)

The one and only

Mrs Bumble Bee

Its really fascinating, life and its continuing happenings! Could you ever imagine yourself reading about what a Bumble Bee would write about in a blogg??? Honestly I dont think you could, but her you are, lucky, peacefull and charming as few:)

  Some days ago, I made myself invisible and jumped into the car before the ArtandPlejwoman started driving. I wanted to see how it looks like where she works. 

God - what a mess!!


I havent seen her eating in her office but oh oh oh!!!!

 This is ..ehhhh, kind of surprising, clothes, books food..I think I stop there.. :)


This is a kind of book table with different kind of books for relaxing I think, 
I was happy to find it finally!

I must say, she surprised me with this kind of interior design, and felt like puuhh when I noticed she was planning going out for a walk.

Im sure she didnt notice me at all when I hided in her pocket, she was very much in focus of photographing as it was really nice weather that day. 
Today weather is awfull¤%#¤%#¤%!!!

(Yes in Sweden we talk much about the weather:)

Umeå kulturhuvudstad 2014
I noticed these trees talking to each other about how they look forward to spring, all the birds coming sitting down on them, singing laughing. The sun, the small talk between people passing by

These trees were really peacefull standing almost like naked, reaching out for the sky, inspiring me Mrs Bumble Bee thinking that the sky is the limit, and its very far away
No birds around them today, but I could hear some  birds talking in the distance. This day felt like spring, though much of the winter is left

Go out and look at the trees, talk to them, hug them
They would hug you back, if they only could..

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

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