fredag 7 september 2012

Mrs Bumble bees message about Peace!

Hi, its me again, Mrs Bumble bee. I need to talk to you all and I will speak about some things you already know of. I feel this one is veeeeery important!

humla fred

In Sweden this time of the year me and other Bumble bees fly with low speed. Hey.... it has been a long summer of flying and sometime speed must slow down. The problem is that this seems to make you freak out! Many of us get killed because you think we will attack you, or that we have gone crazy or..well I have heard soo many things about this subject! 

I have lost many friends because of this, and I am very scarred every morning when I start flying thinking - will I make it another day?

Why do you kill us? And .... I dont know how to say this... but please.. why do you kill each other? I guess you smash and kill us Bumble bees because you are afraid of us, but .... are you afraid of other human beings?

 What has happened? Arent all people filled with Love - why can´t you live together in Peace?

I need to go now,.. maybe the next step for you is to Smile when you meet somebody... Until next time..

Take care of yourself...and make Love not war! (I am sure someone have said this before me...)

6 kommentarer:

  1. Hmmm to be honest I'm afraid in bees.

    there's no good in war. I hope people who initiates this thing should learn from world history.

  2. I totally agree - war is no good - Peace is what we must reach, in our hearts and our lifes and totally!

  3. All I can say is that I totally agree with you here! I avoid killing anything alive, so whenever I get bumble bees or wasps, flies or whatever in my apartment I trap them in a glas and then let them out again. I know they mean no harm to me and have just gotten a bit lost, poor guys. Hehe.

    Anyway, lovely blog you have here. :-) Önskar dig en fortsatt trevlig helg.

  4. Thank you for your compliments about my blog Ropcorn. You seem to have very much love helping those poor guys out:) Thanks for your googlefriends connection I will check out your blog too. Tack detsamma - önskar en fortsatt trevlig helg!

  5. Peace and Blessings. Thank your for the article.

    1. Peace and Blessings to you too! Thank you!