tisdag 19 februari 2013

Every moment is shared

Some days ago
1200 people were hurt in the

Panic and confusion was a fact among the
people in the million town Tjeljabinsk
Umeälven, Baggböle
Baggböle, Umeälven

Do you remember what you did when it happened?
It could have happened in your town


It did not

but anyway

it was sending us a signal 
about us being a unit
and united
We are One
we need each other

So why dont we love each other

More than we do

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

2 kommentarer:

  1. beautiful .. thank you for sharing this

    why is it so difficult for humans to understand this?

  2. Hello Angie! Thank you for your words. Yes, we must continue to love each other! Blessings Anna Karin