lördag 26 oktober 2013

Slow fox, Bruntnell and Womack

Some moments are
Giving you a pleasant feeling all over:)
Slowfox logo
Peter Bruntnell and Tommy Womack
gave a
magic music performance
at Burmans musik this week
and I was happy being there!

Tommy Womack, Peter Bruntnell, Sofia Henricsson

Listen and Enjoy!
Wishing you all a very good weekend!
Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hello, I cannot view the video. It's marked as private. Searched on Youtube and the music sounds good.

  2. Thank you Hans for telling me. I hope I have managed changing it by now. Please check out if you have time! It was a super nice Concert. Sofia is from my Town.

  3. Now it works. Very good played. I've put her on my playlist :-).

  4. Hello Hans! Yes, it was a magic Concert and Sofia Henricsson is a very talent Young lady!