onsdag 12 december 2012

Julbord at Brännlands Wärdshus

Yesterday evening

 I had the most delicious swedish julbord/
  swedish christmas food

Umbygdas hembygdsförening

Allt food home-made by the restaurant  and very good tasting!


 Fruit and ginger cakes,  crackers and marmalade

I love marmalade on crackers and cheese

Christmas food

After a while all of the tables 
were full of hungry guests 


Some of the delicious fish dishes to start with
including ten different kinds of inlagd sill


 Cold meat dishes from  
chicken, pig,beef, beer, lamb, elk

prinskorv, köttbullar

Warm meat and fish dishes
I choose 2 small meatbals and one small sausage:)
(among many more suggestions)


the special

knäck, skumtomte

 Desserts with chocolate and raspberry mousse
knäck, skumtomte 
and the special
"Ris a la malta" with cherry sauce

..home again..I didnt need anything more 
to eat that evening:)

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow


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