tisdag 11 december 2012

Karlssons Christmas kitchen part 2, OatCrackers

Hope you enjoyed 
the Nobel Party last night:)


Welcome again to my kitchen

Its time for baking

Havrekex/ Oatcrackers

I always bake them for christmas 
and just Love them!


Add 8 dl milk together with 1,5 liter oatmeal
let stay over night


3 dl sugar
4 dl floating butter or margarine
1.5 liter wheat flour
50 g ammonium carbonate

Add it all together and make a dough


Tools for use when baking oatcrackers

The dough is made thin and then the tools are used making it all look like this

Ready for the oven 225 -250 degrees

Ready to eat


I make a lot of them and love to enjoy them with butter and cheese
I also use to give away some of them 
 as christmas gifts

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

2 kommentarer:

  1. I did not watch the Nobel Fest last night. :o Just did not feel like turning on the TV, hehe. Your cookies look amazing! Would not mind getting some as a Christmas Gift at all. ;)

    Tack för ett supersmaskigt inlägg. :)

    1. The Nobel Fest was great... I focused on the food :) Thank you - I am happy you seem to like my post..maybe get hungry too ? :)