tisdag 19 mars 2013

Soft chocolate Nougat cakes - yam yam!


Very easy to bake, 
ready in 20 minutes

I did half of this recipe
4.5 dl oatmeal
2 tablespoons wheatflour
2 teaspoons bakepowder
1/2 tablespoon vanilla 
1 1/4 dl sugar
1/4 dl syrup
100 g butter, melted

Put it all together and into a roasting pan
Let stay in owen 10 minutes 175-200 degrees



Take 100 gram of soft chocolate nougat 
cut it thin slices and spread out 
over the cake when it is ready


Cut slices with a knife
put in a cold place until the chocolate 
has become hard 

Easy baked, 
and veeery easy to eat:)

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