lördag 16 mars 2013

Eco Potatoes - Healthy Planet, You and Me

Did you know that potatoes grown the conventional way is one of the most poisoned things you can eat?
Poison are used several times to protect against mold on the potatoes leaves during the time for growing. Rainy summers the posion is used up to 12 times!

Home grown potatoes from harvest last year
healthy and yam yam testing
 Cut in pieces and will be baked in my owen, 
salt and peper and ecologic oil added
 Ready to enjoy!

 Rember my post about potatoes harvest last year?
 The only "shit" that have come close to this potatoes
is the shit from cows owned by a local farmer
And that kind of shit is good:)

 We dig it all up by hand, its a nice activity 
together with the family

Stick to the ecologic choice and both you and the planet 
will have a better chance remaining healthy

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

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