måndag 4 mars 2013

Eco Coffee The Easy Green way!

What kind of products do you choose?

Buying and using eco products is and an easy way of showing solidarity 
to the planet and human beings 

This needs to be done now!

Kaffebönor, Peru ekologiskt

Gevalia ekologisk mellanrost, are 100 % ecological grown coffee beans from Peru

Biocides used when


extremely dangerous and forbidden in EU and Sweden

Gevalia kaffe eco

Parakvat, endosulfan, disulfoton och metylparation

They posion remains in the ground and posion the groundwater
They affect the life of birds and fishes at once, 
and indirectly when the birds and fishes dont find food enought as the insects disappear.  

 Parakvat is one of the worse posions, each year thousands of human beings dies after having coming in touch with it. Parakvat was forbidden in 1983 in Sweden.

Eco Coffee 
The Easy Green way

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

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