onsdag 4 juli 2012

Vegetarian dinner of tonight

I love to create in many ways, one of them is cooking. The best season for cooking in my kithchen, is this time of the year when its possible to go out and get fresh vegetables from the garden.

In the photo you can see the dinner of tonight -  chevré baked in owen on slices of bread from the local bakery Haga bröd. On top of that, honey and seeds from sun flower.

All is laying on a bed of mixed sallad and spinach. There is also a cole slaw made of carrot, red onion, white cabbage, mayonnaise, youghurt, salt and pepper.

Did you know that white cabbage is very good for you?

Per 100 gram white cabbage:
Folacin 57 mikrogram
C-vitamin 36 milligram
Kalium 270 milligram
100 gram of white cabbage gives us half of the daily need of c-vitamin

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