måndag 30 juli 2012

Bumble-bee message

Hello, I am Mrs Bumble-bee. I am here to tell you about things you already know of. You are a human being living your life step by step developing your life breath by breath. You are are so much bigger than me and still some of you are so much afraid of me. I am not dangerous at all, I am here on the same principles as you are, and I love to enjoy my life while being here. You live much longer then me, well most of you do, can you imagine a bumble-bee of 85 years?

I want to tell you that it might be important that you now and then do as I now and then do. Look at the flowers, listen to their sounds of silence, touch them carefully with your fingers and smell their fragrance with messages from heaven. I do this sometimes when I feel its time for a break. Actually the best way is to always have a break and now and then do something. This is my philosophy and maybe its not so accepted among you human beings but try it...anyway now and then.....and maybe you may like it. And maybe one day you find out that life is more than just working and doing things...

Mrs Bumble-bee

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